Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My First Entry

Hello There, and welcome to the Stitch a book blog. I am Lori Mulholland, owner and creator of Stitch a book and, since 2006. Stitch a book is a home-based business located in Phoenix, AZ.  My target audience are those who sew. In a nutshell I sell binders, cover instructions and subjects. To see the full line, please visit the website I also have a Facebook Page:. Stitch a book Product/Service. I would appreciate you going there and liking that too. I need more LIKES !!!!  I am over 50 years old, so that's why I'm a little behind in this Social Media Business.                                      
My products are currently available for sale in Quilt Shops in the Phoenix, AZ area, and online.  I love Shop Hops and I am currently on the road  and have  booths selling my wares at Quilt Shows. I meet very interesting women, and will go into detail later with pictures from the road.....  
Hey Blogsville.....Stitch a book is here.

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