Friday, June 3, 2011

"Totaly Tidy" Carolyn Woods changed my life. ( and my sewing room).

I met Carolyn Woods just before her book came out earlier this year.  She is an adorable, perky brunette, whose passion for keeping you TIDY is her goal. I attended the Book Premier at the oldest Quilt Shop in Phoenix, The Quilted Apple in May 2011.  After reading her book, “ORGANIZING SOLUTIONS for Every Quilter” I knew it was time to tame the stash room.  Wow what a difference. I now can go into my sewing room and A) Know where everything is and B) Have an “Urgent” to do project bin and “Whenever” project bin.  A lot of tips from the book are make-sense, and the pictures are great too.  I highly recommend you get your copy and get your Sewing Room in good order. It makes you feel good. Here is Carolyn’s information and enjoy looking at MY sewing room transformation. Carolyn can be  found at
Her book is now #1 in the Quilting titles at Amazon!!! You go girl. Available here:

 These are obviously the before pictures !!!!  Now look at the Transformation !!

Thank you so much Carolyn,  and everyone, order her book from Amazon !!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great book!